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FJMC Passover Series

Looking to meet the needs of its members, FJMC is presenting 5 webinars designed to inform and entertain.  We have offered or will offer a wide variety of topics:



  1. February 28 - Spicing up Your Seder!  Barry Kling shows us how you can liven up your Seder and make it fun for all ages.   Come and learn how to part the Red Sea, re-enact the plagues, bring humor to the Four Sons and make your Seder memorable.   View Webinar at
  2. March 8 - Virtual Seders, Tractate 2 - What We’ve Learned in a Year of Zoom/Virtual Connections.  Allan Kahan advises on how to host your Seders on Zoom so that everyone is involved and interested.  View webinar at
  3. March 9 - Cooking a Full Kosher for Passover Dinner From Appetizer to Dessert.  Dr. Murray Berkowitz & Tova Cohen will show us that Passover meals aren’t just about chicken and brisket!
  4. March 22 - Mishkan HaSeder; Poems for Passover's Journey.  Jessica Greenbaum, poet and co-editor of a poetry Haggadah introduces this publication which alternates traditional Seder text with poems by 70 poets.
  5. March 24 - Passover 101 - What It's All About?  What Do These Symbols Mean?  Why Do We Do What We Do?  Norm Kurtz will explain the meaning of Passover, the symbols and rituals and why they are relevant to us today.

And don't forget to check out Rabbi Simon's session:  Seder Options in this time of Plague and Tom Sudow's article titled This Year on Zoom, Next Year May We Be Free!.

If you missed any of these great presentations, they are all available on the FJMC’s YouTube Channel. 

Please click to access future and prior sessions.


Alan Budman is the FJMC Vice President for Training. 

Since the pandemic began, he has organized over 150 webinars for FJMC members.

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